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Welcome to Utah

Ever since I moved away from Utah the first time about thirteen years ago, the first question of anyone you meet is always, "oh, so are you Mormon?" When they hear that the answer is "no", most people are taken... Continue Reading →

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Where is this road taking us?

Over the course of the past month that I've been publishing this blog, I've realized that it is going in a direction that I didn't exactly intend. I originally had planned on going in a direction from childhood to adulthood... Continue Reading →

Proud moments…

As I've mentioned previously, when you grow up in a place with an extremely strong dominant culture, the counter-culture tends to be just as strong, if not stronger, in order to keep somewhat of a balance. This is such the... Continue Reading →

Brinnlee Brielle Anderson and other Great Utah names

As I was writing my two posts related to Utah slang and dialect, I realized that I have yet to touch on Utah names. Oh boy, are you in for a treat... Not to perpetuate a stereotype, but many people... Continue Reading →

You’ll love the mow’uns

Last post, I shared a list of Utah slang that I put together in order to help you understand what the heck (see what I did there?) Utahns are talking about when you visit. This post, I will give you... Continue Reading →

Itahn, Utahn, We All Tahn

  Did you know that someone from Utah is simply called a Utahn? Creative, huh? There are quite a few odd words that are very much unique to Utah and throw off many visitors or new arrivals. In my next two posts I will cover... Continue Reading →

Look what I found!

Nothing to do with the Confederate flag

I must admit, that I may have left some information out of a previous post; not on purpose, but there was info missing nonetheless. I stated previously that I didn't have a lot of friends growing up in the state... Continue Reading →

In, not of.

There's a bit of an inside joke that Park City , Utah—the home of the Sundance Film Festival—has always made of itself, "In Utah, not of Utah". I sort of adopted this saying as I grew up and especially since I... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

More than likely, if you have never lived in the great state of Utah, the term "Zion Curtain" makes zero sense to you. You probably don't even know what Zion is, outside of the fact that there is a lion... Continue Reading →

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