Zion Curtain


February 2017

Where is this road taking us?

Over the course of the past month that I've been publishing this blog, I've realized that it is going in a direction that I didn't exactly intend. I originally had planned on going in a direction from childhood to adulthood... Continue Reading →


Proud moments…

As I've mentioned previously, when you grow up in a place with an extremely strong dominant culture, the counter-culture tends to be just as strong, if not stronger, in order to keep somewhat of a balance. This is such the... Continue Reading →

Brinnlee Brielle Anderson and other Great Utah names

As I was writing my two posts related to Utah slang and dialect, I realized that I have yet to touch on Utah names. Oh boy, are you in for a treat... Not to perpetuate a stereotype, but many people... Continue Reading →

You’ll love the mow’uns

Last post, I shared a list of Utah slang that I put together in order to help you understand what the heck (see what I did there?) Utahns are talking about when you visit. This post, I will give you... Continue Reading →

Itahn, Utahn, We All Tahn

  Did you know that someone from Utah is simply called a Utahn? Creative, huh? There are quite a few odd words that are very much unique to Utah and throw off many visitors or new arrivals. In my next two posts I will cover... Continue Reading →

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