As I was writing my two posts related to Utah slang and dialect, I realized that I have yet to touch on Utah names. Oh boy, are you in for a treat…

Not to perpetuate a stereotype, but many people say that African Americans come up with some really interesting kid’s names, but I think Utah has everyone beat when it comes to naming their kids. Even I have one of those interesting (middle) names that doesn’t make a lot of sense—DeLoy. That’s not a typo, I have a totally random capital “L” in the middle of my name. And, in Utah, a name like this is really not weird at all. Head up north, or to smaller towns on the outskirts of the state, and names for men such as LaVern, LaVerle, DaVaughn, DaRoy, and LaVoy were quite common. And, yes, they all have the random capital letter in the middle to start that second syllable. The weird trend continues with today’s generation, and they get even more weird. Here is another article that touches on this very topic.

Someone, who obviously grew up in Utah, made this genius video that takes humorous look at the insane girls’ names that Utahn give their kids. The most hilarious thing about this video is that it’s not really a joke. These are real names!

(image modified from Pinterest)