Over the course of the past month that I’ve been publishing this blog, I’ve realized that it is going in a direction that I didn’t exactly intend. I originally had planned on going in a direction from childhood to adulthood and everything in-between, and in a fairly straight line. However, I found myself needing to stray on occasion and talk about current events taking place in my home state. I felt the need to educate you on “Utah’isms” and slang, as well as how Utahns go about naming their female children. It’s been a real mashup of topics thus far and I realized that I am not going in any direction that makes much sense.

Maybe my question for you as my reader is, in what direction do you want this blog to go? Do you want to know what it was like growing up as a type of minority in a state not many people know much about, or do you want the view of what is happening in Utah from someone who used to live there, but now has that outside-in line of sight?

I really want to hear from you as I think about my next steps for this blog. I think this blog is more of a type of catharsis for me than anything else, but if my content can also help educate other people, I will probably be inclined to go in one direction or another. I lean towards going back to the beginning and taking you on a journey straight down the timeline to see how we go to where we are today.

I feel like I may have more fun telling you the stories behind photos like this…

Do kids still play cowboys?

Or this…


…rather than going into politics or religion. However, I think the politics and religion within the state of Utah are what really help tell the stories and give them meaning.

Lead me and guide me here, folks. Give me your input and let me know in what direction you’d like to see this blog go.

(featured image from dawnfu on Pixabay – licensed as public domain)