Hello, my name is JD, I was born and raised in the pretty great state of Utah (aka: Zion), and get this…I am not Mormon (aka: LDS)—never was, never will be. I was raised by crazy, hippie parents who believed that religion should be a personal choice one makes when you are damn well ready to make it. “Try them all out. Do what works for you,” they always said. Yep, such people exist in Utah. Okay, they weren’t really hippies—my dad was a truck driver and my mom owned her own business, but I’ll surely get into that in my posts. Let’s talk more about me.

Growing up in a state where you really don’t fit in with the majority was frustrating, anger-inducing, stressful, hurtful, and now that I look back, pretty damn humorous. Oh, do I have stories to tell and this blog is where I plan to share those with you. Utah, its people and its culture, are exactly what you think they are, but at the same time, the exact opposite. Doesn’t make any sense? Grab a cup of something decaffeinated, open your mind and prepare to be amazed, or at least mildly amused, as I take you behind the Zion curtain (you’ll probably even come to learn what that reference means somewhere along the way).